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12 FEB 2020
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GTA San Andreas Apk is an open world role playing game and part of the grand theft auto franchise from Rockstar. Download the latest version free for Android. It is a full fledged action adventure game filled with lots of fun. Everybody likes open-world games to enjoy free play. Now on Android, you can enjoy better graphic games that will make your mood happy. You can experience very high graphics even on average Android Phones.

One of the most successful games of Rockstar Franchise Grand Theft Auto SA APK with over 1 Billion of Copies this game sold worldwide in the first month of its release. The game is a successor of the Theft Auto series by Rockstar. The last series has graphic improvements and much more for quality user experience won the hearts of people worldwide. Nova Launcher Prime APK

                                           GTA San Andreas APK

New Update 04-09-2019
Android Version3.0 and up
Game Version2.0
Overall Game Ratings5 stars
Play StoreGTA san andreas play store

This game is the world-famous open-world adventure plus action game released by Rockstar Franchise. The GTA is the world-famous biggest game brand and released the only couple of their theft auto games. But these games are so successful as compare to any other game. The latest series number V makes the world record for best selling as well as the most profitable game in history. This game increased the value of an overall company and now the stock shares of rockstar games are on the peak. Minecraft APK

If you are a game lover just like me then you have already played this game on PC. But the world is changing and now every single thing that we used on our PC,s are now available to our palms. Now you can enjoy this incredible most fun to play game Andreas app on your phone for free.

Released back in 2004 yes you heard right this game is now 16 years old. But the fans of all over the world still play this game and love the very single mission. Now, most of the users enjoy it with cheats because you have not played it with cheats are you, good bro. There is at least 60 cheats code available for this game for much better fun.

Overall this game is still my favorite and I still play it and completed all the missions like I don,t know how many times. So if you want to enjoy those old fun days with grand theft auto then click on the download button to enjoy the fun game of all times.

This version that you are going to download from our website is 100% free but we have also shared the Play Store link. Because this is our Policy to do so. You can also purchase it if you want to play the game both games are the same nothing plus or negative about both ways. It,s up to you to choose from.

For many folks this one of my childhood favorites. Many memories are stick with this game. I still remember those days when I play this game for hours and hours and think about it when I am in school. Those drawings which I make of cars and CJ and many other things.


As we all know what kind of game GTA San Andreas Apk is all the time fun. We all have spent many hours times playing this adventure game. But still today we will talk about a little bit from the start. Because it is fun to read from the beginning when CJ came to the SA and the cops catch her and took money from her. They are some bad cops.

Then CJ went to the hood the place where he met with some green shirt gang members. Now if you are wondering my story is childish. I just want to say that I just play the game. And I hate those small videos and things whenever to start a new mission. So I am only going to tell you what I know.

So my most favorite thing is to steal cop cars and then enjoy the rest. They will chase you and you need to lose those stars warning. Whenever a cop saw you stealing a car or beating someone 1 start will pop up on your screen. You have to lose it otherwise they will catch you and put you behind the bars.

Just like a real-life and many gamers from youtube also do this kind of video like real life experience. You will behave as normal person who lives in a house go to work and etc, etc. So I tried this too to live a life like a human in this game. But I failed really bad every time I drive fast I kill someone from the road and Police chase me and then I have to use that big tank from cheats.

So this is what I usually do whenever I play this game and the hardest mission. I think it is also rubbish. The car dance challenge near the train station. Like 40 or 50 number missions when some guy gives his impala with a beautiful girl. I have to ride this car to the near the train station and there is a small party of dancing cars going on. And I have to mess with those bad guys and win a dance competition with them.

Right now I am telling you these small stories. And my memory tells me like you have done this and this in the game. Personally I think I need to install this game again and try it once more. What you think guys and also there is now redux mode available you should definitely try.


Grand theft Auto San Andreas download process and the instructions are really simple. You just need to click on the download button and the download will start. This is all you need to do to download the game. However, if you want to download from the official Play store then you need to check the official game page and then you need to select the pay and download button.

The payment page will pop up and it will ask you to enter your payment method and add your card details and the download process will start in a minute. Now let’s talk about our method you just need to click on the download button and the game file will start the download process. You did not have to pay any money to us or anyone else.

Installing guide

There are some simple and easy steps to follow to enjoy your GTA san, Andreas. The original files of this game are heavy and they need storage of 2GB To 5GB. So most of these big game comes in apk are highly compressed this is why you will enjoy this big game in such a small download file. So read the instructions carefully.

  1. Download the file by clicking on the download button and the download will start automatically.
  2. Now from your device, you need to click on the download file and extract it.
  3. Keep in mind you need to do this when your mobile phone is not connected to the internet or wifi.
  4. Now if you are struggling to find your downloaded file just search in your download folder of internal or external storage and you will find out the file or use the search option from the file manager.
  5. Now you will get and obb file while extracting the game and you need to add this obb file in your device you need to cut this file from there and place it here.
  6. You have to go to your sd card or your device storage where you downloaded the file and extracted now go to android it will the main folder of the storage and paste this file there. SD CARD STORAGE/ANDROID/OBB FILE PASTE.
  7. Now click on the game icon and enjoy your game for free and don,t forget to share this website on Facebook.
  • One of the best and most advanced games of its time.
  • Launched in 2004 for PC and later on for Xbox and now it is available for android devices.
  • Amazing fun open-world adventure and action game.
  • Real-life scenarios like Police chase, cars, driving, ambulances, and many other amazing features.
  • One of the best graphic games back in 2004.
  • Best in physics, provide realistic physics experience when cycling.
  • Best Motion Gaming introduced in this game.
  • Best Driving game with a real person based on a story.
  • You can earn money by driving a taxi.
  • You can use cheat codes and many other amazing features of these games.
What,s new
  • The first apk which came was unstable and has many bugs in it like it will hang your device.
  • All bugs are fixed.
  • Ultra Compressed size.
  • Graphics are now much improved for android devices.
  • Enjoy your game.

This game is compatible with almost every single android version but if your new version they will work fine as well as you can go back to jelly bean this is it.


So this is our own version of the review and what we think about this game. So first of all this game is a legend and one of the most successful. As well as the most unique game back in 2ks. The game offers something new and the last version is was not so good because of its vanilla mode. And the game looks yellow and dark. This is why when this game launched it does not have those mistakes and users really love it and they accepted this game very well.

This game has won many awards from Tokyo to the US. If we calculate the total number of awards this game wons it would take us like 3k extra words to describe every single one so we leave them right now. The game concept and the official theme and overall body came from the vice city the legend game which makes many headlines at her time.

This apk is now available for android devices as well as IOS Phones. You can play it anywhere at any time. This is the best thing about this game you can enjoy this game at your own comfort. The game has all bugs fixed and size is compact free to download and easy to play. In just a few minutes after the downloads complete, you will be playing this game on your Phone.

The game is awesome in terms of playing if you love cars. Then you will instantly fall in love with this game and if you love action games. Then this game will also a good option for you. Because you can do many things in this game and this game has a huge map and you can explore it. From sea to jungles and desert you will found every single thing in this game. From beautiful beaches to boats and big trucks to sports cars.

Overall if we say something about this game in limited words. This game is not for a few people every single game lover can enjoy. This game and he can enjoy what he likes from rock crawling to helicopter riding to private jets. You can enjoy every single thing in this game.


What is the Price of GTA San Andreas on the Play Store?

It is around $5 on Google Play Store and you can pay through Paypal or any VISA Card.

Is GTA San Andreas is Multi-Player?

No, this game is not multi-player and the only the latest theft auto V is multi-player.

What is the size of GTA Sa?

It is around 3GB but apk size is around 23MB.

Final Words

Our Final Words about this game are awesome and you will instantly fall in love with this game. And you will become addicted to playing this game. I know from the modern perspective. When everyone is playing Fortnite like game online but still. This game has its own value which you can not neglect.

This game is history and you will miss this game. Like I do and you will be playing this game after 10 years and love this game then. GTA always make one of the best game in the world. There is no one who can compete with them in terms of quality, texture. Graphics, and storytellings. There are many best games too but rockstar has its own fan following of huge open-world games.

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