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Download GTA Vice City APK 2022 to enjoy PC grade graphics on your Android mobile. Grand theft auto vice city is one of the most popular games ever built by Rockstars. Here we provided you vice city apk free download and told you how to download GTA vice city mod apk.

GTA vice city is the game legend that broke all the records when it was first launched in 2002. This Open-Word Action plus Adventure game has the most satisfying vibe than any other game. This one game is a total entertainment pack with hundreds of mods alone are enough to play for months: car driving, shooting, flying, and many other amazing things.

The Grand Theft Auto Vice City is one of the most played games In the world. And back then from 2002 to 2008. This game was the record holder of most Popular games and won 100s of Prizes for better graphics, a new concept to many others. When the new version of Grand Theft Auto 3 was Launched, the GTA 3 overtakes all the hype from this game.

Still, in 2020, there are Millions of users are playing this game. Now you can enjoy this game too on your Mobile Phone—the game shift from those big monitors to small palm-size smart Phones for your ease.

Enjoy open-world king. The GTA VC Mod APK is the top game in vintage Open-World gaming. Rockstar games are one of the biggest game Developer Company in the World. The most recent GTA project was launched in 2013. The GTA 5 Apk built if we talk about the journey from vice city to 5 is really amazing.

GTA Vice City APK 2022 Download

GTA is one of the most Popular gaming Franchise in the World. There is no other gaming brand which is so much famous all around the world. Rockstar Games own Grand Theft Auto, the Parent Company. This company got so famous just because of their GTA games in 2013 when their newest version was launched. It was a massive hit to the world in just a single week. The company has made around $1 Billion.

The GTA Vice City apk is now available for Mobile Phone users, and they can also enjoy the game on their Phones. The vice city has completed its 2 decades now, but still, it is a popular choice in games. Now the Rockstart has released this game for Mobile Phones, both IOS and Android. It is a perfect thing that now you can play this game on your Mobile Phones, but it is not for free.

On Play Store, it will cost you around $5. It is not a huge amount of money. But if you get the same game for $0, it is much better now. You can download this game for absolutely free of cost. The Vice city game is perfect for Mobile Phones, and if you compared this to gangster Vegas mod apk, it is not good because that game has its own fans, and the GTA has its own.


Just like any other GTA series in the game, you are a gangster kind of a person. You worked for different bosses and completed different missions. There are some extra missions to, and if you want to enjoy the city, you can also do that, from killing the pedestrians to cops. You are free to do whatever you like. You can steal every single car in the game.

The game is entertaining to play, and you will experience from high-end luxury life. As well as a gangster life. In the game, there are 100 plus different vehicles. That you can drive from big trucks and busses to moppet bikes, this game map is also huge, and you can travel to the other big city via boast or by crossing the bridge. This game is just like a real-life from cops to the army. And if you killed more than 10 cops, the wanted levels will increase, and then the army will come to tackle you.

The Plot

To make some money, you will join some gangster groups. And do their dirty jobs from robbing people to kidnapping you will do everything for them. You will also kill someone for them. There are different gangs in the city, and you had also do some side missions like a taxi driver or pizza delivery. This game has every single thing in it, and you can try different things.

The whole game is around you and your friends and what you do. The game map is huge, and you can travel anywhere on it. There are big buildings and parking lots. Just like a real city and a normal person, but you have some advantages. Like you can kill someone and rob someone.

This game is one of m,y personal; I have played it around 100 plus times and completed all the missions. There is a mission that everyone hat small RC helicopters used to fix bombs in the buildings. This is a really tough job, and also you have to complete this job in a limited time.


This is not the first game that is made by the rockstars. There are many others, but this is the main reason behind their success. The GTA Vice city is the first and the most popular game of all time. The successor to this game is GTA San Andreas APK, which is also a most successful game. Which also broke the record of many games and also the most selling game of all time. In Vice City, the graphics are most advanced, but later on, the company made a big mistake by launching a GTA 3 with vanilla graphics. As a result, that game did not make history.

Difficulty of Missions

All the missions in the vice city are different and harder than before. Some of them are really easy, and some require at least a 2nd attempt to complete them. There is a mission in which you had to fix bombs in a building near the bay area, but your boss wants no one to be seen doing this job. So you had to use the RC helicopters to do this job. Which is the most difficult job in this game? The controls to fly that small helicopter in such a small tight space is a talent. You also had a limited time to d so; otherwise, you will lose that mission and had to do everything from the start. Personally, on PC controls, it is the hardest mission, but on Mobile Phone, it is so easy to do.


If you look at the graphics and the gameplay, this is one of the best games of all time. There is no comparison. You can enjoy multiple games ina single vice city from a taxi driver to a pizza delivery guy. You can do everything, even fly a different kind of airplanes. Now you can also mess with the army in this game. Yes, you can, but be prepared. They will attack you too with gunship helicopters and fighter jets. This game is so fun to play as well as the gameplay videos are also fun to watch.


  • One of the best games in the world, no doubt.
  • You can experience at least 10 different category game in this single game.
  • Enjoy real-life scenarios.
  • Drive 100’s of different cars from the road.
  • Real-world structure.
  • Work for Big Mafia gangs and become a Kind of Vice City.
  • Enjoy amazing Vehicles as well as Flying Machines.
  • You can also drive boats.
  • Go to Pubs and Dancing bars.
  • Kill Cops as well as Army and increase your wanted levels.
  • Enjoy riding the Police cars as well as other sports cars.
  • You can so add cheat codes in the game.

What’s New?

  • All bugs are fixed.
  • Now you can enjoy this game on your Mobile Phone.
  • The Mobile version is official and much stable.

How to download

The download process is straightforward and easy. Just click on the download button, and it will take you to the downloading file, and now you need to download the given files on your Mobile Phone. Now the next installation steps are given below. Just follow them to play the game on your Mobile Phone without any Problem or fresh.

How to Install

The installation process is straightforward. You just follow these steps.

  • First of all, download both files given below. One is the main file caleddobb and the apk fore app.
  • Now you need to locate them on your Mobile Phone when the downloading completes.
  • Now install the apk version, which is around 10MB install tat.
  • Make sure your internet connection, as well as Wifi, is turned off.
  • Now copy the Obb file and place that file in Your MNobile Phone Folder Android/  com. rockstar games.gtavc.
  • Noe launches the gaming apk on your Phone; the game will run smoothly without any trouble.
  • That,s it now you can enjoy the game on your Mobile Phone.

User Review

The overall reviews of this game are excellent and amazing. Everyone loves it. This is one of the best selling games of all time, and later on, this record was broken by its new version GTA V. The game is enjoyable to play, and you are free to do whatever you want to do0. Many other game companies try to do the same thing, but they did not match the quality and attention to detail of this game. Still, after 2 decades, this game is viral. Everyone knows about this game, which makes us think k what we should expect from the GTA and what they will launch shortly.

Final Words

The GTA vice city is my personal favorite game to play. I have already completed this game dozens of times. The gameplay is really nice and the atmosphere. The freedom you felt is amazing. The overall gaming experience was ne3xt level when this game was launched. It creates a hype that no other video game can ever beat that. The GTA is a successful franchise, and every single person loves them. The game is awesome to play, and now you guys can enjoy this wonderful experience on your personal Mobile Phones. [acf field=”website”] [acf field=”blog”]

What's new

General bug fixes and improvements


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