PK XD MOD APK 2023 v1.22.52 (Plus Subscription, Unlocked All)




Discover best gameplay features and unique elements that make pk xd mod apk with unlimited money and gems stand out from the competition.


  • Unlimited Money and Gems Visual
  • Unlock the Home
  • Dance Mat
  • Unlock all Skins and Items
  • Unlock Kitchen Items
  • Unlimited Coins

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Afterverse Games


5.1 and up


388.6 MB


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Can I play with my friends? if you are looking for such type of fun and exciting base game. Look no further than pk xd mod apk, the open-world game that lets you create your avatar and explore a virtual world with your friends. With unlimited money and gems, you can decorate your home, unlock all skins and items, and challenge your friends to different activities. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about pk xd mod apk, including how to download the game, its features, and mod info.

PK XD MOD APK unlocked

The game is free to download and play. it is available on google play as well as on the App store. With unlimited money and gems, you can unlock all skins and items, decorate your home, and challenge your friends to different activities. We also recommend you to download Lost Life APK.


By helping with various outfits, hairstyles, and accessories, players can customize their avatars. They can also decorate their homes and adopt virtual pets. The game offers a  good range of activities for players to engage in. Players can visit different locations such as beaches, parks, and cities. players can participate in different mini-games and challenges. They can also in touch with other players by chatting with them and sending them gifts.

PK XD MOD APK unlimited money

One of the key features of pk xd is the ability to play with your friends. Players can invite their friends to join them in the game. players can explore the virtual world together. They can also challenge their friends in mini-games and compete for high scores. In addition, now you can also download Spider Rope Hero MOD APK.

Unlimited Money and Gems Visual

The unlimited money and gems visual feature in pk xd mod apk is a great addition to the game as it allows players to fully enjoy the game without any limitations. players can decorate their homes to their heart’s content and create their own unique space in the virtual world With unlimited money,

Unlock the Home

To unlock the home in PK XD Mod APK, players need to have enough money and gems. Once players have enough resources, they can go to the home store and purchase the home of their dreams. They can then decorate it with various items and furniture, creating a unique and personalized space that reflects their style and personality. We also recommend you to download Undertale APK.

Dance Mat

the dance mat visual in PK XD Mod APK can be unlocked by collecting enough coins and gems. This feature allows players to showcase their dance moves and earn rewards. To unlock the dance mat visual, players need to visit the dance mat store and purchase it with their resources.

Unlock all Skins and Items

In the modded version of PK XD, players can unlock all skins and items visually. without having to spend real money on in-game purchases, they can customize their avatars. They can change various outfits, hairstyles, and accessories. Also, download Roblox MOD APK.

players can unlock kitchen items by using unlimited coins and gems. such as ovens, stoves, and refrigerators, as well as cooking utensils and food items including in-kitchen items 

To unlock kitchen items, players need to earn coins and gems by completing various activities and challenges in the game.

Unlimited Coins

PK XD Mod APK offers unlimited coins to players, which can be used to purchase various in-game items and upgrades. With unlimited coins, players can unlock all skins, purchase virtual items, and decorate their homes with ease. We also recommend you to download Criminal Case MOD APK.

General Features

Various Mini Games

K XD Mod APK offers a variety of fun and engaging mini-games for players to enjoy. Here are some of the mini-games that are available in the game: parkour challenge, skateboard challenge, pizza delivery, fishing challenge, treasure hunt, racing challenge, quiz challenges, quiz challenges, etc.

Large Collection of Vehicles

This game offers a large collection of vehicles that are perfect for exploring the open-world game. Players can prefer cars, motorcycles, boats, or planes, there is something for everyone in this game. Pk xd mod apk offers a large collection of vehicles that are perfect for exploring the open-world game. In addition, now you can also download Hard Time MOD APK.

3D Graphics and Easy Controls

PK XD Mod APK offers a great gaming experience with 3D graphics and easy controls. The graphics create an immersive world that is engaging and fun to explore.  players can navigate the game and enjoy all its features by helping its easy-to-use controls make it easier.

My Review

I have been playing, this amazing game for a few weeks ago. I am enjoying it very much. I would highly recommend pk xd mod apk to anyone who is looking for a fun and engaging game to play. this game keeps players entertained for hours due to its unlimited resources, open-world setting, and social features.  the game offers a unique and enjoyable experience also to its users.


One of the things that I love about pk xd mod apk  is the open-world setting. I have also been able to create my avatar and customize it , which adds a fun and personal touch to the game. The game is easy to download and install. We also recommend you to download Battle OPS MOD APK.


No, PK XD Mod APK does not have any ads, which offers a seamless and uninterrupted gameplay experience.

Yes, in the modded version you have a wide range of pets.

You can customize your avatar with various outfits, hairstyles, and accessories in PK XD Mod APK. You can also decorate your home and adopt virtual pets to enhance your gameplay experience.


In conclusion, PK XD Mod APK is a fantastic game that offers endless hours of fun and entertainment.  it provides a truly immersive gaming experience to players, with its open-world design, and unlimited customization options,  The modded version of the game, pk xd mod apk takes the gameplay to the next level by offering unlimited money and gems, unlocking all skins and home items, and removing ads. 

If you are a fan of open-world games and enjoy playing with friends, then pk xd mod apk is worth checking out.  So why not download PK XD Mod APK today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about?

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