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The Sims FreePlay MOD APK is the most popular game among the young generation. Living up a whole new world of Sims Freeplay with friends and family. This game is perfect in its own way, with a wide range of character selection. You can be anyone and the decisions you made lead your life with a different result. Your lifestyle, your relationship, your friends, your interaction with the community influence your Sims life.

Sims life simulation is pretty much famous in these days. Every other person is playing this addictive real-life simulator on their smart devices. By virtue of refreshingly manipulating the mind of players is really awesome. Develop an important part of your daily routine of playing sims on a regular bases. It almost feels like living another life in the same life. You can have a beautiful life, and build beautiful relationships as you want.

Get married to someone and have kids then grandkids. And enjoy being a Grandparent of your grandkids. This will also teach you the importance of life decisions. As it is important for us to make the right decision at the right time in our lives. Because decisions impact the future of ours. Sooner or later it will become a part of our life. A good decision makes our life happy and beautiful. And a bad decision makes our life unhappy and disconsolate.

The game is pretty much resembling the real-life factors of human life. Showing all the relations, friendships with a complete life cycle of life. Our moded version of Sims gives you extra abilities. You can easily achieve such a lifestyle in the game without spending a penny on your Sims upgrades.

The Sims FeePlay MOD APK

The Sims franchise is not new in the market. It has stable a base with a couple of Sims games developed by Electronic Arts game developers. The game takes you to the strategic world of Sims life. Where you had to make sure your character will live up the best life possible. Make your Sims life decision and make him a good family member, a good friend and a good person. This made a huge impact on everything surrounding your character.

You have to build your sims living in the virtual world. From start, you need to become someone you want then continue his life journey as you play for hours and hours. The game lets you choose your Sim character from a wide range of upgrades. If you ever play a Sims game before, then you will love the gameplay of Sims FreePlay. So you can easily understand the Sims life alterations. And if you are new to the Sims, then we define the gameplay for you.

There are millions of games which you can choose to download easily from the Play Store as well as any other downloading website. But there are very few games which bring something new and good. The sims city Freeplay is one of that game in which you can do whatever you want to do. Just like a real person life you have your own private friends and family to interact with every day. In this game you can also have a pet it can be a dog or a cat.

There are endless things which you can discover in this game from designing your house to decorating everything. You can change the settings of every space. There are other luxury features like a swimming pool and many other good things. You can also choose your own character from females to male and also you will get married to the love of your life from proposing her to marriage everything look real. There is not a single game just like this one I have ever played.


The gameplay of sims FreePaly is full of strategies and decisions like real life. Game start with the selection of characters to choose your beloved Sim. You can customize your character with anything you like. Hairs colour, Skin tone, face symmetry, clothing and much more. You can customize every single thing of your character even can change the sex of your character. If you want a girl character then game builds you a female character. It is also possible to make your own custom character.

Like in real life you need to work hard to earn money as a target. Achieve shelter, status, security and stability in our life. This game will make you feel like real in different ways possible. You have to work on a job and earn money to buy a house, then start a family.

I had never seen such kind of a gem. In which you are playing someone and living their lives. This is just like living another person life you will build your own house design everything from Bedrooms to Kitchen. You also have lovely pets in the game how awesome is that and you can love them and cuddle with them. There are endless happenings in the game from the love of your life to proposing someone and getting married.

You will experience an ultra-luxury life with your friends and family in the game. You can eat food, swim in the backyard swimming pool. Go to Clubs and enjoy different parties. You can also change your clothes and choose from hundreds of new pairs every single day. If you are bored playing with the male characters you can also choose from different characters to play with and this is really awesome.

Game features

There are very amazing and good features of this game that we have listed below.

  • This is not a limited game which you can easily complete in a day. This game offers a huge variety of simulations and endless fun.
  • You can customize everything from your own bedrooms to kitchen everything from changing colour to new sofas.
  • Just like a real-life, you have pets in your house and you can love them and play with them. You have a dog and a cat in this game.
  • You will also find a love of your life and you can propose her for marriage and get married to her in the game.
  • There will have babies and then they will grow up and continue the game.
  • You can also explore the city and enjoy different places from clubs to bars everything.
  • Overall there are so many features that we cannot describe in a single post just watch the video that is given below to understand.

New features

  • All the bugs are now fixed.
  • New characters are added t the game and you can interact with them.
  • This version unlocked every single premium option of this game from new houses to everything.
  • Unlimited new characters to choose from and new clothes to hair colours.

What is Sims FreePlay MOD APK

The Sims Freeplay mod apk is an open-world game based on real human daily life routines to their family expansion. Everything from getting married to having kids., You will everything via simulator you can slo have pets in the game. You can explore the sims city and go to new places from clubs to bars and cafes. You will experience someone living with a simulator which you will be controlling. Now you can also modify your houses from the kitchen to bedrooms.

From new furniture to colour changes you can do everything. There is not much game slike this one and it is one of a kind game. You can do whatever in the game but in limits. This is not actual life. The game graphics are god and the story is also really good. You will be experiencing something really new. From proposing to marriage everything is just a new theme of a game and the concept is also unique.

MOD features

  • Premium items are now unlocked and free.
  • Unlimited money in the game.
  • From the begining, you can do any task of your own choice.
  • Other amazing features for free.

How to Download

The download is really simple and easy. you just need to click on the download button and in few seconds automatic link will be generated and the download will start.

How to Install

  • First of all click on the download button and start the downloading.
  • When the download completes locate the file n your device via File manager.
  • Now click on the file and start the installation process.
  • The new icon of the game will is appeared on your Phone enjoy playing the game.

User Review

The overall reviews that we found on the internet and many downloading sites are really goofed. From new users who downloaded it for the very first time to the old ones every single person loves the game and really enjoys it. The overall rating of this game is also really good from 45.7 to 4.8 which is considered really good. Our review of this game is really good we really love it. The game offers something new a new theme and a story.

Final Words

This is one of the best game to play. You will be experiencing something new in this game that you have never seen before. The overall game is really simple and for mobile Phones, these graphics are also good. The story is something new and you will be living a new life in the game getting to know someone to marry. This game offers everything a complete life package. Just click on the download button to experience this madness and you will definitely love this game. If you like this game please don,t forget to give this game a rating.



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